Saturday, May 16, 2009

7 Silly Questions w/ The Emotron!

For those of you unfamiliar, The Emotron is a whirling dervish of high energy, synth-pop/punk songs thrown together in a sequencer and belched out live on stage in one of the most over the top, totally committed, maniacal, one man band performances in the history of music. As insane and frenetic as the The Emotron is on stage, you might be floored if you met the exceptionally friendly, devilishly clever, charming Kyle Knight in person. The two alter-egos are almost polar opposites.

Later this summer, The Emotron will be releasing Vampire Lunch Lady Tits on Slanty Shanty Records, which is his most musically mature, well rounded effort to date. The release date hasn't been set just yet, but there is a preview of some of the songs in the player below. Take a listen. Or better yet, see him live. The Emotron will be travelling all up and down the East coast and Mid-West this summer.

We caught up with The Emotron via the interwebs and persuaded him to answer some highly suspect questions.

Viva: What is the most embarrassing band you loved as a kid?
The Emotron: I really still love those bands. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, all the Shitty Grunge/90 - 95 Alt Rock. I was really into Weezer though. I was very involved with the Fanclub from 95 - 97. It now is kinda embarrassing how hard I was for that band.

Viva: What was the first album you bought?
The Emotron: Nirvana - Nevermind. Metallica - Black

Viva: What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you on the road?
The Emotron: 2007 when I toured for a Month with Mose Giganticus, I got the worst case of hemorrhoids I have ever had. It was so bad they were growing in layers on each other. Matt Mose took pictures of them and we sent them out as Emotron Christmas cards!

Viva: Your live show is a frenetic, high energy whirlwind of music that is highly dependent on your sequencer holding up its part of thebargain. Does your technology ever betray you?
The Emotron: Oh Yes, that thing has shit out on me a few times. I got piss/beer on it/in it a few times and had to put it in the shop. Recently it shitted out on me with about 3 shows left on the tour so I did a shitty Stand Up/Ventriloquist routine as the Emotron character with a picture of one of my friends that was glued to a stick.

Viva: How much of your own life do you put into your songs?
The Emotron: A. If you mean Life as in How Much Time do I work on Music = I do spend a lot of time writing songs on guitar/piano and sequencing them out, and experimenting with the sounds on the sequencer.
B. If you mean how much of my lyrical content is about my real life, I would say the new Album Vampire Lunch Lady Tits is 100% true life events that have mostly happened on tour. A lot of inside jokes that only a few would get.

Viva: Who would win in a fight? Bigfoot....or Sasquatch?
The Emotron: Trying to trick the Old Emotron, huh? Both of these dudes are the same... Its kinda like saying who would win in a fight - Don Freeman or Don Freeman?

Viva: Who’s in heavy rotation on your iPod?
The Emotron: Recently I have been rockin out to Lady Gaga and the First Hum Album.

Check out these great Emotron Videos!

The Emotron - 80's Nightmare

The Emotron on The Gin Blossoms

Photos by: Top Middle Bottom Uncredited.

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