Monday, June 8, 2009

7 Silly Questions w/ Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun!

If you aren't familiar with Atlanta band Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, then get ready for treat. This indie electro-pop four piece is poised to conquer the nation with it's dance-tastic sounds, scintillating melodies, and charming good looks. But, it's their commitment to touring around the Southeast, putting on amazing live shows that is allowing TTMTTS to rapidly build its reputation.

Perhaps their self description best sums things up:
"Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun is about the collaborative. It’s about the connections between sound and people. It’s about the heart and the head. It’s for mistakes and triumphs, and against arrogance and underconfidence. Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun is about sharing the ideas that are created by four friends in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s all for sharing much further than there, penniless or plentiful."

We caught up with Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun while they were taking a brief respite from their hectic schedule and convinced them to answer some highly suspect questions!

Viva: What is the most embarrassing band you loved as a kid?
LAUREN: New Kids On the Block
CREGG: Amy Grant
MICAH: Nelson
JEREMY: Nelson

Viva: Who smells the worst in the van traveling to shows?
TTMTTS: Jeremy! (that was an easy one)

Viva: You use a lot of technology to produce your dancetastic sounds. Does your gear ever betray you on stage?
TTMTTS: All the time. We have seances to exorcise the demons from our electronics on a regular basis.

Viva: What's the funniest thing that has happened to you on the road?
TTMTTS: It's a four-way tie:
(1) While on tour w/our friends Club Awesome, we went Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC to watch the sunset over some drinks. Well, after the sun was finished setting & nighttime fell, we were standing in the courtyard of this beautiful resort, surrounded by various wings of the hotel rooms. All of a sudden, we noticed that the curtains were open in a few peoples rooms, & that's when we started seeing things-- first it was some old lady boobies. then, her husband walked out of the bathroom totally naked. People were seriously walking around naked in their hotel rooms with the shades wide open for everyone in the courtyard to see (unbeknownst to them)! The people in the room next to them were doing the same thing. It was crazy. Yeah, we all watched.
(2) Last time we played in New York, as we walked by the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Harlem, a big fat rat runs across Micah's foot, wrapping its tail around her ankle. Chuck E. himself!
(3) While driving down the highway, Cregg & Jeremy started watching the girl in the car next to us. They said she was picking her nose, then eating her boogers. Lauren & Micah didn't believe them, but looked anyway, & sure enough, for about 10 minutes straight, this chick was digging for gold, then smelling it, then eating it.
(4) Again in Asheville, we were eating at the fancy McDonalds near the Biltmore Estate, & Cregg came out of the bathroom telling us that "black Princess Lea" is in men's room. Jeremy then went in, & came out saying the same thing. Once again, the girls did not believe them. We ate our meal for 1/2 hr, then right before we were leaving, this dude emerges from the men's bathroom--Princess Lea braids & all.

Viva: Who would win in a fight? Unicorns....or Narwhals?
TTMTTS: Some of us think that, unfortunately, the narwhal would impale the unicorn before the unicorn could even get close enough, BUT, others feel that depending on the level of magical powers the unicorn has, it just might be able to freeze the narwhal as it's lunging out of the water to impale the unicorn and then the unicorn pulls off some swooping karate kicks to the horn, knocks it off and unfreezes the narwhal and then he's so bummed about losing his big stick that he just sulkily swims away. Poor narwhal.

Viva: Who's in heavy rotation on your iPod?
TTMTTS: Currently- White Lies, Land of Talk, old Cure, & Bloc Party

VIVA: What was the worst fight over nothing that you got into with each other after being road weary and exhausted?
TTMTTS: There were some words exchanged on the road about driving "styles"...Stuff about riding the left lane if you're not currently passing anyone. Apparently, we all have different driving styles. :) Or...there was once a heated discussion about lottery rules--whether or not you can win the lottery in some states if you're not a resident of that state. LOL. We've gotten pretty good at agreeing to disagree when it comes to this sort of thing!

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Like It Or Not Video!

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Robert Grace said...

I believe this is the dude you are referring to:

Unknown said...

Oh My Gosh!!!! That is the Man!!!!! it's Him!!! Roberto, thanks for finding that, you are awesome.

RiahsRawk said...

This is so cool! My art piece is used on here. I made that for them! I feel dreamy inside!