Saturday, November 8, 2008

7 Silly Questions With Cars Can Be Blue

Despite what you may think to the contrary, Nate Mitchell and Becky Brooks of Cars Can Be Blue are not possessed by horny little demons hell bent on making sodomy and bitterness an every day part of the indie rock dialect. Rather, they are veteran road warriors who sacrifice so much of their lives to bring joy and happiness into the hearts of every audience they meet. Their latest album Doubly Unbeatable is full of catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and tackles some highly amusing subject matter that few other bands could even begin to approach with such honesty and humility. There is such heart and sincerity behind all of their music that they completely transcend the realm of indie rock labels and have created a genre that is entirely their own.

We caught up with Becky & Nate during the middle of their Fall tour and they very generously agreed to answer a few questions:

Viva: What's the most embarrassing band you loved as a kid?
Becky: I don't know... I was more embarrassed about my body odor.... and I was an ugly kid... that sucked.
Nate: My first cassette purchase was Quiet Riot's "Metal Health" which is pretty embarrassing, even for a third-grader.

Viva: Your songs delve head first into the taboo abyss of sex, vengeance, and bitterness. Is there any subject that is off limits?
Becky: Anything I consider personal to me... I can't tell you what those topics are.... but it has nothing to do with my tits, anus or vagina.
Nate: We have tapes and tapes of improvised song ideas, some of which get turned into "real" songs, some of which are deemed too racist/homophobic/retarded for general consumption.

Viva: Aside from your home city, where's your favorite place to play?
Becky: Anywhere people give us money.... I hate when we don't make money.
Nate: I personally have enjoyed playing shows in Chattanooga, TN, as well as Brattleboro, VT and Florence, SC. We have been paid decently at all of those places, so I'll have to agree with Becky's answer.

Viva: What's the funniest thing that has happened to you on tour?
Becky: Tour is one big constant spit take.... just kidding. we fight a lot and I want to go home now.
Nate: We've only come to physical blows a small handful of times and I know that when Becky wishes that I get "cancer and A.I.D.S." I know she's just messin' around. Most of the time I'm just screaming "leave me alone!" or "shut the fuck up", so it's great. touring is great.

Viva:A wise man told me never to print anything the drummer says. Is this true?
Becky: I wish he didn't even get a microphone sometimes...
Nate: If it wasn't for me Becky would probably still be suckin' off her manager at Pizza Hut. Actually, maybe you shouldn't print that.

Viva: Who's in heavy rotation on your iPod?
Becky: I haven't had a chance to steal some ones I pod yet... I guess I would need to steal someones computer first...
Nate: Apparently you have the misconception that we are millionaires. We do have Shabba Ranks, Sam Kinison and the soundtrack to "Some Kind of Wonderful" in heavy rotation on the tape deck.

Viva: What was the worst fight over nothing that you got into with each other after being road weary and exhausted?
Becky: All of our fights are really important. I am usually right, and then Nate yells or hits someone.
Nate: Actually one of our worst fights ever was about me stealing Becky's french fries. I'm totally serious. They were her fries, though.

For more info on Cars Can Be Blue, you can visit their myspace here: Cars Can Be Blue Myspace ! Check out this great live video!

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