Sunday, April 27, 2008

B IPPP - French Synth Wave from 1979-1985

B IPPP features 14 tracks from obscure French bands from the late 70s and early 80s. Obviously, back then New Wave was king and all 14 tracks are bowing down to the throne holding forth new wave-y bloops and bleeps as their offerings! What is so amazing about this ablum is that the bad tracks are so awesomely lame that their lameness somehow becomes fascinating and wondrous. There are some real gems on here, too. Totally worth a listen, especially if you are interested in modern musical history.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Balustrade Ensemble - Capsules

The Balustrade Ensemble is the brainchild of guitarist and composer Grant Miller. Capsules is a lovely, mostly instrumental album that uses guitar, mellotron, orchestron, claviola, cello, piano, pedal steel, and voice to spin a wonderful web of texture, beauty, and depth. They are billing themselves as "the aural background to a Victorian science fiction film." And, really, I'm not going to argue! Check em out!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WE FEST 2008 - MAY 22-26 - Wilmington NC

Ok, this year's WE Fest looks pretty awesome. Having been around forever, I must say that WE Fest is kind of like SXSW used to be before all the crappy corporate sponsors and record labels took it over.

Pay attention to the Saturday the 24th schedule at the main stage of the Soapbox. It's incredible! LA Tool & Die, One Hand Loves the Other, The Barnraisers, etc...! Also, late late Saturday at The French Quarter Red Collar is playing at like 12:45. When everything is over at Soapbox, go over to The French Quarter and check them out. Should be awesome.

Anyway, check all the shows out. The Thursday night Bootleg Magazine show looks sweet. As does the Monday Night Trekky Records show! The Eskimo Kiss singer/songwriter showcases look really great, too!

What's with Shuffle Magazine's showcase on Monday? It's no secret that Shuffle Magazine is owned by Chuck Morrison of Charlotte's Mo'risen Records. For them to just shove all their own bands in this showcase is really, really, really lame. They should have just booked it as a Mo'risen night and no one would question their motives.

Here's the whole schedule:


SOAPBOX UPSTAIRS:Presented by BRIAN TUCKER (Bootleg Magazine):Irata (NC)The So So Glos (NY)Marionette (VA)I Was Totally Destroying It (NC)Freedomhawk (VA)The Superkiiids (NC)


SOAPBOX LAUNDRO-LOUNGE:Presented by MARGO DRGOS (Organic Entertainment And Media):Anton Sword (NY)Spiraling (NJ)Annie Quick (NY)Heroine Sheiks (MN)Four Trips Ahead (NY)

THE FRENCH QUARTER:Presented by JARED MIGDEN(Program Director Emeritus, WRSU Rutgers Radio):The Magnificent Disaster (NJ)Terminal Reynaldo (NJ)Soraia (PA)The Meltdowns (NJ)Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun (NJ)

THE WHISKEY:10:00 pm -The Pneurotics (NC)11:00 pm - WJ & The Sweet Sacrifice (NJ)12:00 pm - Klobbermeister (NC/DC)


VENUE TBA:Presented by ANDY GESNER (Hip Video Promo):Spiraling (NJ)Hero Pattern (NJ)Modern Skirts (GA)Rookie Of The Year (NC)

SOAPBOX LAUNDRO-LOUNGE:Presented by JIM TESTA (Jersey Beat):Anthony Fiumano (NJ)Autumn Window (NC)What Happened? (PA)The Challenged (NY)The Milwaukees (NJ)Zero 1 (CA)

THE FRENCH QUARTER:Presented by ZANO (Endless Mic):Endless Mic (NC)Flex Mathews (DC)Inflowential (NC)Addictive Nature (NC)Stranger Day (GA)Divine Profitz (VA)StajPrezence (NC)


SOAPBOX UPSTAIRS:Presented by LEILA REGAN-PORTER (Southeast Performer Magazine):9:00 PM - Brett Harris (NC)10:00 PM - LA Tool & Die (NC)11:00 PM - One Hand Loves the Other (GA)12:00 Midnight - Doly Toro (NC)1:00 AM - Barnraisers (NC)

SOAPBOX UPSTAIRS BACKBAR:Presented by KIM WARE (Eskimo Kiss Records):8:15 - Stephen James (GA)8:45 - Lovesick Scientist (NC)9:15 - Andy Bilinski (NC)9:45 - John Harrison (NC)10:15 - John McNicholas (GA)10:45 - Nina 57 (NY)11:15 - Jim Testa (NJ)12:00 - Jeff Evans (from Chickens & Pigs) (GA)

SOAPBOX LAUNDRO-LOUNGE:Presented by POINGLY, details forthcoming...

THE FRENCH QUARTER:DURHAM, NC SHOWCASE presented by Rob and Eleni (BELOVED BINGE):6:00 - eberhardt (NC)6:45 – Sawteeth McTweedy & the Particles (NC)7:30 – Sequoya (NC)8:15 – Scott Waite Debacle (NC)9:00 – All Your Science (NC)9:45 – Midtown Dickens (NC)10:30 – Beloved Binge (NC)11:15 – Future Kings of Nowhere (NC)12:00 – Hammer No More the Fingers (NC)12:45 – Red Collar (NC)


SOAPBOX UPSTAIRS:Presented by KIM WARE (Eskimo Kiss Records):9:00 - The Good Graces (GA)9:30 - Pistolero (GA)10:15 - Gregg Yeti & The Best Lights (NY)11:00 - Club Awesome (GA)11:45 - The Jupiter Watts (GA)12:45 - Lamont Skylark (NC)


SOAPBOX LAUNDRO-LOUNGE:Presented by CHRIS DeLINE ( LAURA HAMLETT ( Deathcamp (OH)The Guystorm (MN)STRIVE (IL)Tom Rhodes (NC)Tell Tale Heart (MO)Chess Club (TN)Sean Cox (NJ)

THE FRENCH QUARTER:Presented by CHRIS HACKER (Liberated Matter / Howling Clue)8:00pm - Kyle Ervin (NY)8:45pm - Matt Singer (NY)9:30pm - Jay Mankind (NY)10:15pm - Derek James (NY)11:00pm - Wakey!Wakey! (NY)11:45pm - The Bloodsugars (NY)


SOAPBOX UPSTAIRS:Presented by CHUCK MORRISON (Shuffle Magazine)The Sammies (NC)The Young Sons (NCDeath Becomes Even The Maiden (SC)The Houstons (NC)


SOAPBOX LAUNDRO-LOUNGE:Presented by EMMA NADEAU (Trekky Records)9:00 pm - Barghest (NC/NY) 9:40 pm -Butterflies (NC)10:25 pm -Embarrassing Fruits (NC)11:10 pm - The Never (NC)12:00 pm - Endless Mic (NC)

THE FRENCH QUARTER:Presented by PONCHOS FROM PERU...more to come..... 9:09 pm - Smugglebird (SC)10:12 pm - The Coup De Grace (NY/NC)11:11 pm - Ponchos From Peru (NC)12:02 pm - 910 Noise (NC)

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Little Ones - Terry Tales & Fallen Gates EP

Run, don't walk, to your retailer and pick up a copy of The Little One's new EP Terry Tales & Fallen Gates. This is some of the most charming indie pop I have ever heard. Sweet male vocals and interesting arrangements make this EP a must have for any collection. The vocals are pretty damn amazing. Really, this is one of the most solid efforts I have heard this year. Your hard would have to be very hard indeed not to like this recording.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lemuria - Get Better

Lemuria's brand of female fronted indie pop/punk is really more sweet than raucous. It's rockin' for sure, but think beautiful and melodic, not riot girl. Check out songs like "Mechanical" and "Get Some Sleep." Get Better is a certainly a decent album that is a pleasant listen. Not ground breaking or revolutionary, but you won't eject from your CD player after 10 minutes either. It's worth your time!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Oh Sees - The Masters Bedroom is Worth Spending A Night In

I really can't quite put my finger on how to describe The Oh Sees sound. It's part 60s garage, part early 70s psychedelia, and just plain a lot of fun. The Oh Sees are no imitators though, they definitely put their own spin on music. Songs like "Visit Colonel" are absolutely worth a few minutes of your time. The syncopated drumming is really quite a treat as is the boy/girl vocal interplay. The Masters Bedroom is absolutely Worth Spending A Night In!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Phenomenauts - For All Mankind

Ok. I am not the biggest punk fan in the world. However, The Phenomenauts are so much fun and so entertaining I whole heartedly endorse their new release For All Mankind! Replete with a quirky flavor, their irreverent approach to cheese pop-punk makes this irresistable! But it doesn't just stop at cheese, these guys can actually play! If you liked groups like Supernova, The Smugglers, etc... then check these guys out!