Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sons & Daughters - This Gift

Leave it to the Scots to make an infectious pop-rock album that isn't overly derivitive or annoying! This Gift is really a fantastic gem of a record that will make even the staunchest indie snob want to at the very least tap their toes to the beat. Unless you are a total shoegazer, take a listen to This Gift and then go out and buy it!

Watch the Gilt Complex Video!

Magnetic Fields "Distortion"

Stephin Merritt and the gang are back with their 8th album Distortion. This time though, the music is packing a welcome punch with the addition of fuzzy electric guitar adding a sonic "boom" to the mix. The songs are still about love, longing, loss, and regret. However, rather than being either impossibly upbeat or remarkably dour, Distortion allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride smoothly without having to become overly emotionally involved in the journey. Start to finish, this is a much stronger outing than I and far less time consuming than wading through all 69 Love Songs. This is perhaps The Magnetic Field's strongest album in a decade or so.