Thursday, April 19, 2012

Viva Indie Rock Podcast #13

Podcast #13 is available for streaming online or downloading and listening at your leisure! Live broadcast radio shows are 9pm Thursdays (EST) on

Track List:
1) Wonder Villains Zola 33
2) Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls On Your Way
3) Kalle Mattson Lives In Between Water Falls
4) Ed Schraders Music Beat Jazzmind Car
5) Kishi Bashi 151a Intro/Pathos, Pathos
6) Toro Y Moi June 2009 Best Around
7) Eux Autres Sun is Sunk Home Tonight
8) Drink To Me S Future Days
9) Part Time What Would You Say? 19
10) Echo Lake Wild Peace Even the Blind
11) King of Prussia Transmissions From the Grand Strand Your Graduating Hours
12) Pegase Without Reasons Without Reasons
13) Felix Oh Holy Molar Oh Thee 73
14) AU Both Lights Get Alive
15) Yukon Blonde Tiger Talk Oregon Shores
16) Horse Feathers Cynic's New Year Last Waltz
17) Club Feet Gold on Gold Die Yuppie Scum

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