Thursday, July 26, 2012

Viva Indie Rock Podcast #27

Great week for new music!! Check out the complete track list below! Try to catch a live broadcast sometime! Thursdays, 9pm EST on Plaza Midwood Community Radio. You can catch the stream on UStream or go direct to the station site:

Track List:
1) Dirty Projectors  White Label Tour 7"  Buckle Up
2) Moon King  Obsession I   Only Child
3) Lord Huron  Lonesome Dreams  Time to Run
4) Eternal Summers  Correct Behavior  I Love You
5) Fergus and Geronimo   Funky Was the State of Affairs  No Parties
6) Young Moon  Navigated Like the Swan   Summit and Blue Air
7) School of Seven Bells  How To Love   How To Love
8) Crystal Castles  Plague
9) Dots Will Echo  Drunk Is the New Sober  I'm A Monkey  
10) The Mountain Goats  Transcendental Youth  Cry For Judas
11) Lawrence Arabia  The Sparrow  The Bisexual
12) Chelsea Light Moving  Frank O'Hara Hit
13) Ned Collette and Wirewalker   2  Long You Lie

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