Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beloved Binge - Blender Theory

A few months ago Rob & Eleni, the husband and wife team of Beloved Binge, packed up their 1982 Westfalia camper van, grabbed their dog Syba, and embarked on a year long tour to help promote their album Blender Theory as well as Eleni's documentary Seeing Through the Fence. According to an email we got from Eleni, the van has only broken down 4 times thus far! Not too bad for a vehicle older than most of the people that go to indie rock clubs to see shows. Beloved Binge have their own approach to music. It's intelligent, inventive, and amusing without relying on the silly shtick routine that a lot of guitar/drum duo's tend to fall back on. Check out the songs "Sunday Stopped Honking" and "Recall". I really admire these guys for living out every musicians romantic fantasy of making music with the person you love and traveling around the country having new adventures.

Beloved Binge Myspace

Live Video of of Vacuum!
(Got)Married on Myspace Live!
Seeing Through the Fence Trailer

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