Tuesday, December 2, 2008

10 Favorite Songs of 2008 (Thus Far)

Ok, I am doing my 10 favorite songs of 2008 because I have a hard time doing Top Albums of the Year for a lot of reasons. For starters, a lot of albums have one or two really great songs and a bunch of filler. If I had to give you a Top Album list it would probably include Parenthetical Girls Entanglements, Throw Me the Statue Moonbeams, and Sigur Ros Med sud I eyrum vid spilum endalaust.

Favorite songs have an entirely different criteria for me. Do I listen to them over and over until I have all the lyrics memorized? Do I want to recommend them to my friends? How often do I include them on mix cds that I take along on long car rides? All of these things are factored into my list.

Mind you, I have an indie pop sensability, so if you are looking to indie rock your ass off, you might want to look at someone else's list!

So, here's my Favorite 10 Songs of 2008:

1) Sigur Ros Vid spilim endalaust Album: Med sud I eyrum vid spilum endalaust.
2) Grand Archives Torn Blue Foam Couch Album: The Grand Archives
3) Parenthetical Girls Four Words Album: Entanglements
4) Fleet Foxes English House Album: Sun Giant EP
5) Los Campesinos Death to Los Campesinos Album: Hold On Now Youngster
6) Throw Me The Statue About to Walk Album: Moonbeams
7) Fredrik Black Fur Album: Na Na Ni
8) Bodies of Water Gold, Tan, Peach & Grey Album: A Certain Feeling
9) Earlimart Great Heron Gates Album: Hymn & Her
10) The Little Ones Boracay Album: Terry Tales & Fallen Gates

It was really difficult picking a favorite song from Sigur Ros, Parenthetical Girls, & Los Campesinos. So many of their songs could have made it. Other songs that came close to making the list were Times New Viking My Head (this was like 10A, so I threw it on the song player too), School of Language Rocklist Part 1, We Vs. The Shark I Am the Contempt Machine, Absentee Boy Did She Teach You Nothing, and LA Tool & Die's hilarious indie rock send up My Brother in Law Won't Go To Your Show.

2008 isn't quite over yet. Something may come out to blow us all away. I really was hoping for Blackout Beach's new record, but that has been pushed back into 2009.

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