Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'll Stay 'Til After Christmas - Various Artists

For several years Animal World Recordings founder Daniel Gill and his wife Reda Rountree have been meaning to make a Christmas compilation to give to their family and friends. It then occurred to them that they are pals with so many amazing musicians, why not make a compilation that can be enjoyed by everyone and give the proceeds to Amnesty International. The press release for this album explains the mood of this amazing album far better than I could, so I am going to steal a quote directly from it:

Wanting to avoid an overly cheery tone, and instead provide a more realistic, somewhat somber feel, I'll Stay 'Til After Christmas compiler Daniel Gill chose artists for this album who would paint an audio portrait not of present day Christmas celebrations, but rather hazy memories of childhood Christmas experiences and the often bittersweet emotions that accompany them.

All of the tracks on this are phenomenal, but my favorites thus far include Sally Shapiro's "Anorak Christmas" and Man of Arms "It's Christmastime and Everything is Wrong." If you have a few extra dollars to spend after doing your holiday shopping, hop onto your favorite digital music downloading site and get yourself a copy. It's worth every penny.

Full track list:
1. Au Revoir Simone - Christmastime is Here
2. Le Loup - Shenandoah
3. Figurine - The Holidays Behind Us
4. Sally Shapiro - Anorak Christmas (Piano Mix)
5. Arthur & Yu - My White Elephant
6. My Brightest Diamond - Nature Boy
7. Parenthetical Girls - Festive Friends (Forever)
8. No Kids - Another Winter In a Summer Town
9. Radar Bros. - Baby Jesus
10. Blitzen Trapper - Christmas Is Coming Soon
11. Man of Arms - It's Christmastime and Everything's Wrong
12. Au - I'll Be Home For Christmas
13. The Papercuts - Go Tell It On The Mountain
14. Bosque Brown - Silent Night
15. Turk Dietrich of Belong - Blue Christmas

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