Thursday, July 16, 2009

Japancakes - Behind the Mountains Video

Japancakes "Behind the Mountains" is their first ever song to utilize voclas! While the band has mentioned the idea of introducing vocals to their music through the years, it has never quite happened… until now. From Athens, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Taiwan, Japancakes have put together three versions of their single "Behind The Mountains." With the comforting airy vocals from Orenda Fink (Azure Ray) on the English version, accompanying Japancakes soundtrack style, some beautiful and simplistic visuals are drawn. These visuals come to life in the first ever video from Japancakes, directed by Ryan Berg. Stunning and simple, this video captures a glimpse of the beauty that comes to mind when thinking of all involved in the project. Even more so, another beautiful vocal version is available. With lyrics written and performed in Mandarin, by Moon (Miss Stocking), this unique version is equally beautiful in all areas. And keeping with Japancakes true instrumental roots, an instrumental version is also available. You can digitally download the tracks on iTunes the song starting July 28th!


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Alan Smithee said...

Hey!! Where did you get the image of your display? the one with the little rabit in the bed. I had a book when I was a child with that rabbit, and I loved it, and now that I´m watching your picture I´m remembering my childhood.

Cheers from Mexico! Great band (Japancakes).