Friday, July 17, 2009

Tullycraft Tribute First String Teenage High Gets Digital Re-release

First String Teenage High: The Songs of Tullycraft Played By People Who Aren't, was orignially co-released in 2003 by AAJ & Bumblebear records. The initial run was only 500 cds and has been completely sold out for quite some time. This was back in the day before iTunes, Amazon MP3, Emusic, etc...were easily accessible to small indie labels.

First String Teenage High started as a labor of love by Bumblebear Records owner Jimmy Hughes (current member of Elf Power & mastermind behind wonderful band Folklore). With Sean Tollefson's support, Hughes lovingly complied the tracks over a two year period. Some of the songs covered are actually from Sean's bands that were precursors to or side projects of Tullycraft - Crayon and Six Cents & Natalie. Sadly, very few of the bands that contributed to the album are still in existence.

First String Teenage High will be available for download via all major outlets on July 28th, 2009 thanks to the fine folks at Unchikun Records!

Download Murder Beach Doing "8 Great Ways"
Download Bugs Eat Books Doing "Sweet"

Track List:
1. Pipper the Kissing Cat - Pedal
2. Murder Beach - 8 Great Ways
3. Invaders from a Forbidden Planet - Josie
4. Kanda - Break Seaside and Over
5. Snowfort Inc. - Snap Tight Wars
6. Crewsin' for a Brewsin' - Bailey Park
7. Seasick Crocodile - Pink Lemonade
8. Hollie Impossible - Actives & Pledges
9. Blister Fist - Surfer Girl
10. Eric Metronome - Spoiler / Needed To
11. Saltine Crack Whores - Wild Bikini
12. My Place in Space - Superboy and Supergirl
13. Boyracer - She's Got the Beat
14. Beltline - The Lives of Cleopatra
15. Kisswhistle - My Date with Rachel Sweet
16. Yar's Revenge - Bee Sting Stings
17. Gang Wizard - Meet Me in Las Vegas
18. Winnebago - Knee High Susan
19. The Boys' Star Library - Stay Cool I'll See You This Summer
20. Genoe - Miss Douglas County
21. Bugs Eat Books - Sweet
22. Dipstick & Eggnog - 1st String Teenage High
+2 Bonus Tracks That Were Hidden on the CD!


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