Thursday, March 1, 2012

Viva Indie Rock Podcast #7

Podcast # 7 is available for streaming online or downloading and listening at your leisure! Live broadcast radio shows are 9pm Thursdays (EST) on

Track List:
1) Parenthetical Girls Privilege Pt IV: Sympathy for Spastics A Note to Self
2) Tanlines Mixed Emotions All of Me
3) Simian Ghost Wolf Girl SWEDEN
4) Honheehonhee Shouts A Is For Aniaml CANADA
5) Variety Lights Central Flow Silent Too Long
6) PS I Love You Death Dreams Sentimental Dishes
7) Sun Kil Moon Among the Leaves Sunshine in Chicago
8) Dot Calliope Simon's Typewriter
9) Cheers Elephant Like Wind Blows Fire Leaves
10) Fucking Werewolf Assoc. Keep My Address to Yourself SWEDEN
11) The Mynabirds Generals Generals
12) Ceremony Zoo Adult
13) Spanish Prisoners Gold Fools Know No Violence
14) Sleepology Rotten Dreams Rotten Dreams
15) Black Mountain Year Zero Original Soundtrack Mary Lou

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