Thursday, May 17, 2012

Viva Indie Rock Podcast #17

Podcast #17 is available for streaming online or downloading and listening at your leisure! Live broadcast radio shows are 9pm Thursdays (EST) on

Track List:
1) Fang Island  Major  Asunder
2) Parlovr  Kook Soul   General Hell 
3) Like Some Cat From Japan  LSCFJ  Johnny Ramone
4) Birkii  Kitsune Parisien II   Holy War
5) Mile Me Deaf  Eat Skull  Wild At Heart
6) Mojomatics  You Are the Reason For My Troubles  YATRFMT
7) Not Squares   Not Squares  Fall Far
8) Smile  A Flash in the Night  From Time to Time
9) The Tallest Man on Earth  There's No Leaving Now  1904
10) The Lovely Lion  Into the Forest
11) Wallflower  Filled With Flowers  Cure Your Heart
12) The Rest  Seesaw  Always on My Mind
13) All Will Be Quiet  On the First Day  The First Day Pt. 2

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