Thursday, November 29, 2012

Viva Indie Rock Pocast #41

Podcast version of the live VIR Radio Show Thursdays 9pm EST on Plaza Midwood Community Radio.

Track List:
1) Parquet Courts  Light Up Gold  Light Up Gold II
2) Stargroves  Within Me A Lunatic Sings (single)
3) For Tracy Hyde  Juniper and Lamplight  Shady Lane Sherbert
4) Grave Babies  Crush  Over and Under Ground
5) Team Ghost  Dead Film Star EP  Dead Film Star
6) Child Actor  Victory  I Will Be
7) The Pass  Melt  Real Summer
8) Pissed Jeans  Honeys Bathroom Laughter
9) Scott and Charlene's Wedding  Para Vista Social Club  Footscray Station
10) Beach Day  Walking on the Streets  Walking on the Streets
11) Flume   Flume  Star Eyes
12) Mauracher  Outer Space Dancer
13) Chromatics  After Dark   Cherry
14) Memory Tapes  Grace/Confusion  Neighborhood Watch

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