Sunday, February 3, 2008

Folklore - The Ghost of HW Beaverman

Folklore's The Ghost of HW Beaverman is a fantastically unique concept record! Fronted by Elf Power guitarist Jimmy Hughes, Beaverman focuses on the stories of how one man, HW Beaverman, basically upset the lives of almost everyone he came in contact with in a small town in upstate New York . Hughes spent years collecting these stories for a novel that never came to pass. Luckily for us, he used his considerable song writing skills to capture the stories in verse and share them with the world. Guest vocalists abound on this record all singing as various characters from the town telling their individual stories. Just to name a few: Andrew Rieger (Elf Power), Amy Dykes (I am the World Trade Center), Pete Erchick (Olivia Tremor Control)....The songs are poignant and provocative, heartbreaking and haunting. Truly a great effort by Hughes and absolutely everyone involved.

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