Sunday, November 23, 2008

7 Silly Questions w/ Parachute Musical

Impossibly upbeat, Nashville's Parachute Musical make some of the most entertaining, high energy piano based pop in the country. Not since The Muppets parody of Dr. John has there been such charming interplay between melody and manic muscial mayhem. Parachute Musical represents pop craftsmanship at it's finest. Most of 2008, they have been on tour promoting their release Everything Is Working Out Fine in Some Town. We caught up with them while they were resting up for their Winter tour and asked them a few questions!

Viva: What was the first album you bought as a kid?
Josh Foster: Al Green - Greatest Hits
Tom Gilbert: Kris Kross - Totally Krossed Out
Ben Jacoby: La Bumba / MJ's Thriller

Viva: What other band names did you seriously consider before going with Parachute Musical?
Josh Foster: "Mathias Ringstrom"

Viva: Who has the worst van etiquette on tour?
Josh Foster: We're all pretty good... But if naked hairy men offend you then I'd say Ben. He gets down to his man panties and sleeps on the first bench seat. But he cleans regularly so it's all good. Tom has shitting problems on the road and gets pretty backed up. His gas in the van can be pretty outrageous.
Tom Gilbert:Depends on who has and who hasn't been eating Taco Bell
Ben Jacoby: Depends on the amount of cameras verse cigarettes

Viva: Aside from your home city, where's your favorite place to play?
Josh Foster: I really liked playing the 40 watt club in Athens GA. We played there with Modern Skirts and it was awesome. I also really like Headliners in Columbia SC.
Tom Gilbert: Nashville and D.C. are kind of both home cities, and are equally awesome. Other than that, I like Athens, GA
Ben Jacoby: Coastal bat mitzvahs

Viva: A wise man told me never trust a keyboard player. Is this true?
Josh Foster: Fuck yeah... turn your back for one second and the next thing you know I'm peeing on your leg.
Tom Gilbert:If he uses the "choir" sound on his keyboard then you can trust him
Ben Jacoby: They've got more buttons, so I guess so

Viva: Who's in heavy rotation on your iPod?
Josh Foster: Cold War Kids... SIKE!
Tom Gilbert: My iPod is broken and I haven't been able to update it since 2004. So whatever the hit music of 2004 was- The first Maroon 5 cd , Kelly Clarkson, that Eminem "Lose Yourself!" song, JoJo, Usher "Confessions Pt II"

Viva: What was the worst fight over nothing that you got into with each other after being road weary and exhausted?
Josh Foster: Ben eating my fuckin' chips. But I got him.... tore one of that bastards eyes out. Ben Jacoby: After the road is one of the most peacefully times, as everyone just goes to bed

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