Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Viva Indie Rock Podcast #40

Podcast #40 is ready for your streaming or downloading pleasure. Catch the live broadcast Thursdays, 9pm EST on Plaza Midwood Community Radio!

Track List:
1) The Babies  Our House on the Hill   Slow Walking
2) IO Echo  IO Echo EP  Shanghai Girls
3) The Winter Sounds  Runner  Bird on Fire
4) People Get Ready  People Get Ready  Three Strangers
5) Stargroves  Westfjords  Boy Wonder
6) The World Palindrome  Particularly Hello  Pink Spot, Blue Star
7) Widowspeak  Almanac  Ballad of the Golden Hour
8) Sufjan Stevens  Silver and Gold  Christmas Unicorn
9) Brian Eno  Lux   Lux 1

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